You have an idea or a message that you need to get out into the world but you don’t know how to. With great passion, humour and personality, McAlpine Films will work hard to transform your news, knowledge, ideas, campaigns or research into powerful stories.

Taking a collaborative approach to production, I like to get to know your desires and aims for your video, always listening and communicating with you throughout the process. Asking questions and paying attention to details at every stage, I’m not happy to deliver your video until I’m certain it is right.


Martha’s experience span broadly across video production, documentary filmmaking and journalism. Her expertise lie in the ability to turn any niche subject or abstract concept into a story. Including digesting large academic or weighty material into concise narratives, writing scripts, editing footage into punchy compelling short videos. Her journalistic instinct means persistently looking to “find the story” building rapport with video subjects and using unique interview techniques.
Martha works with charities, universities, and corporate organisations; often working in specialist fields covering the arts, politics, education and business.
Martha’s films have been screened locally and internationally in cinema screenings and in exhibitions in the UK and Europe. Martha is a trained broadcast journalist, writer and a self- taught filmmaker.


“Martha produced an excellent short film for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust which told the story of a young person’s journey from unemployment and having low self worth to someone confident with a bright future ahead of them.  Martha was great to work with from the planning stages right through to the editing process and the final product, and I would definitely recommend her for filming work. “ equate, I shall be content with silence.”

Nia Charpentier, Formerly Comms officer at the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust.

“I particularly appreciated Martha’s storytelling skills. The outline flow of the video and the questions Martha asked during the interview helped to develop a strong story line. Martha really put the client in our video at ease and drew out some fantastic answers. She showed great determination in getting the job complete and done well – on the hottest day of the year in the noisiest environment! The job more than met my expectations, Martha really brought the out the key elements and the case study to life, in a engaging way.”

Ruth Chamberlain., Investly.

“Martha has a great attention to detail and is committed to making excellent films that have a legacy beyond the duration of the project or exhibition they were made for. The Legacies film is our most watched video online and I still get feedback from teachers about how sensitively the film handles the upsetting subject of enslavement and how it provides the perfect entry point for secondary students who can sometimes find history boring and irrelevant.”

Niti Acharya, Hackney Museum.

“Thank you Martha for your contribution to a set of outstanding videos at the Global Awards this year. Really great work on it is much appreciated.”

Nigel Chapman, Formerly CEO of Plan International