Although I know there is a place for it, I’ve learnt that the news media we read and listen to tends to report on the big terrible stories that make us feel afraid. When we consume it, we think we understand the big issues in the world but we don’t because the world isn’t black and white, it’s more of a complex web.

I’m interested in seeing and showing the world as plural and complex, in finding the stories behind the story, the voices behind the rhetoric.

Within the big pressing issues of our day; the wars, natural disasters, death and inequality, are the individual stories of people overcoming, surviving difficulty through endeavour, learning from their personal histories and pain, creating strong communities, campaigning and fighting to overcome injustice. There are rich histories behind almost any event, community, culture and person, in fact. I would like to continue to make films to expose those things about humanity that we should be celebrating.

There are seeds of possibility in amongst the despair and the terror.