Project Description

This is an excerpt from The Realisation of Still Point.  The short film is written, produced and edited by McAlpine Films for the client; Design Museum. The cinematography and camerawork is by Joseph Gainsborough and additional film/ photography by Gregory White. It also includes original footage from Cutting It: A Dubplate Special.

The film is narrated by composer and turnablist Shiva Feshareki. It is about female music pioneer Daphne Oram who in the 1940s wrote an epic composition called Still Point. The score was written for Orchestra and ‘microphones’ and utilised Oram’s interest in new electronic techniques. At the time, the work was not really taken seriously by the musical establishment. As a result, Oram did not live to see her composition realised or performed. Recently Shiva Feshareki and her colleague James Bulley, took on the search for the lost ‘pencil draft’ of the score. Their goal was to resurrect Oram’s musical masterpiece and put it rightly, back into the history books.

You can learn the whole story and watch the full film now at the Design Museum. It is part of their current exhibition, ‘Electronic: From Kraftwerk to The Chemical Brothers’ open until February 2021.