Project Description


Legacies of African Enslavement in Hackney

The film tells the stories of people who were involved in the ‘business of slavery’ in Hackney, in London as well as those, both in the Caribbean and the UK, who fought to end African enslavement.

I had the privilege of being asked to work on this project by UCL, the Arts Council and by Hackney museum. It was a long and arduous journey to complete the film but extremely rewarding when it was finally finished.

The film starts with history students from Bsix College in Hackney discussing the term ‘black’- It was wonderful to see Akala lead this inspiring workshop about ancient african civilisations and the suppression of the truth of those civilisations by centuries of European dominance.

I made this film with the help of some wonderful people, Will Hazell who accompanied me by filming, the LBS project department at UCL including Dr Nick Draper, all the team at Hackney museum, Esther Stanford Xosie, who is a brilliant campaigner for the reparations movement worldwide, Arthur Torrington who is a great historian and fountain of knowledge, professor Claire Midgely, actors Bill and Shango and finally Narrator Ellie Fanyinka.

The teacher’s notes accompanying the film and education resources targeting Key stage 3 and 4 students can be found on Hackney Museum’s website.

CLIENT: University College London/Hackney Museum